The Three Step System of Chinese Pulse Reading

February 29th – March 1st, 10.00am – 5.00pm   £190

With Frances Turner

Pulse reading is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching Chinese medicine. Each student needs significant individual input from their tutors to understand how to consistently name a tactile sensation. In the 3 Step System workshops, students are taught to name the pulse accurately and objectively according to the parameters laid out by the 28 Pulses of Chinese medicine, using the 3 Step System of Chinese Pulse Reading.

Many aspects of pulse reading are not subjective, and these workshops have proved time and again that if the naming system is clearly understood by everyone, a group of people will feel the same thing on the same pulse. This gives us a common language and enables us to communicate with each other about the pulse in a way that can help us develop and grow our practice.

Frances did her MPhil on the Language of Chinese medicine in English (see her European Journal of Oriental Medicine article, Summer 2004), and it was this work that alerted her to the possibility of clarifying pulse reading by using language clearly related to the Chinese characters. She has also spent a lifetime developing the sense of touch both in music and in healing work, and she gives space and weight to the intuitive sense many of us get from the pulse.

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Suitable for students of Chinese Medicine and practitioners

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