Our Clinics

Looking for a treatment?

The City College runs teaching clinics where you can receive treatment from students under the watchful supervision of highly experienced professional supervisors.

Why not come and see what it is like to be treated here? In just a few short years it could be you doing the treating!

If you are interested in either having a treatment or becoming a student, call us on 020 7253 1133 or drop us an email at clinic@citycollege.ac.uk

Acupuncture Clinic

The City College of Acupuncture runs a low cost teaching clinic. You will be treated by our third year students in a highly supervised setting to ensure you get exactly the treatment you need. All of our supervisors are highly qualified with over fifteen year’s experience.

For patients with chronic conditions that require frequent treatments, this is an excellent way of keeping the cost down. It also enables people on a lower income who would never normally be able to afford treatment to experience the benefits of acupuncture.

Our clinic is run in a multi-bay setting, ensuring you get both the privacy and attention you require. A separate space is available if your case requires complete privacy.

As you are being treated by a student who will require supervisor feedback, your treatment may take a little longer than usual.

Have you ever had acupuncture treatment in a teaching clinic? Call us on 020 7253 1133 or drop us an email at clinic@citycollege.ac.uk to experience what it feels like!

Tui Na Clinic

Tui Na treatments are typically done in a communal setting. As you are not required to get un-dressed (Tui Na massage is typically performed through the clothing) you may receive treatment in our multi-bed setting

If your treatment requires privacy, we will take you to a private room.

As we run a teaching clinic, your Tui Na practitioner will be closely supervised by a practitioner with over a decade’s experience.

Tui Na is becoming increasingly popular in the West as it brings many of the benefits of acupunc-ture without the need for piercing the skin.
As well as massage techniques, your student practitioner may suggest that auxiliary techniques such as cupping (local suction on a certain section of skin) or Gua sha (where the skin is firmly rubbed through oil).

Tui Na clinics often become busy very quickly as people are always eager to come back for more! To find out why, call us on 020 7253 1133 or drop us an email at clinic@citycollege.ac.uk 

Patient Testimonials

Rosy was very thorough and caring...

Rosy was very thorough and caring. On the first visit, we went through a very detailed history of my health issues. We then updated it each time we met. Acupuncture has noticeably reduced the amount of pain I'm experiencing. I sleep much better after treatment too.

Emma (Patient)

I have found the results...

I have found the results from my treatments extremely helpful for ongoing health and energy level issues, everyone is very professional and the clinic has a great energy which leaves me feeling well supported and energised.

Lynne (Patient)

I have been a patient at the college...

I have been a patient at the college for the past 7 months, and have had such an amazing healing experience and journey with Isabel, Anne and Rosy who have been amazing, all in their final year and so professional, kind and supportive. I really think the teaching from all the teachers has been great and I would really recommend this college.

Jamie (Patient)

I first met Anne...

I first met Anne when I was at my wits end about recurring health issues. She has been a great support and has gone out of her way to share her knowledge and give advice about what I could do to improve my health. I have come a long way and feel much better. I am just sad the sessions are coming to an end! I am confident Anne will go on to become a great therapist. Fiona (Patient)

Fiona (Patient

It has been great...

It has been great to have Rie's treatment sessions over the weeks, she is so sincere and caring and it was very therapeutic and I could communicate with Rie freely. My condition is getting better after having sessions and I try my best to stick with the diet Rie advised me on. Thank you so much!

Miho (Patient)

Thank you to The City College of Acupuncture...

Thank you to the City College of Acupuncture, and a special thank you to Isabel for all the treatments I had with her (many more to come). She is very competent, professional, caring, warm, considerate to my needs, she has a beautiful energy...the list could go on!! It is evident that she is passionate about Acupuncture & Tui Na. I will definitely recommend your student clinic. The prices are very affordable, the clinic is very clean & spacious.

Myriam (Patient)

The facility is nice and comfortable...

The facility is nice and comfortable, the timing is sharp and the effect and result was amazing, working dramatically for me, very respectable skills. Rie explained about what happens in my body and let me know how the acupuncture works on my body. It was very clear. Her suggestions and advice were clearly helpful.

Mrs S.M. (Patient)