Master Tung Acupuncture Day 3 & 4 (27-28 April 2019)

with Philip Weeks, Nutritional, Herbal & Oriental Medicine

On day 3 and 4 you will further deepen your understanding of this extraordinary system and learn more practical prescriptions:

Day 3:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Head injuries and brain diseases
  • Neurological pain, specifically Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Points for Digestive disorders, IBS and Colitis
  • Kidney pathology points including renal calculi and infections
  • Extra points to support those with cancer

Day 4:

  • More points that relate to heart conditions and stroke
  • Treating Shen disorders with Master Tung points
  • Points that support the nervous system
  • Knee pain and pathology and rheumatology
  • Powerful points for gynecology and uterine diseases

As usual there will be time practice the points under professional supervision from Philip and Andy

Philip Weeks has been a practitioner of natural medicine for the last 20 years.  He encountered Tung Acupuncture after his initial training at CICM.  He has PgD in Nutrition.  He is considered one of the UK’s leading expert on natural medicine and is a Master Herbalist.  He is the author of ‘Make Yourself Better’ and ‘Painful Bladder Syndrome’ published by Singing Dragon. He runs a clinic in Marylebone in central London.

Pre-requisites: You need to have been trained in Acupuncture or a current student at a institution in the UK. You need to have some basic needling skills and insurance for needling.

TIME & DATE:27 – 28 April 2019 (10:00am – 5:00pm)


  • Saturday 27th April – Early Bird – £120
  • Sunday 28th April – Early Bird – £120
  • Weekend – Early Bird – £240


Venue location on Google Maps:

The City College of Acupuncture