From Hand to Needle: The Practical Application of Essential Needle Techniques Including Burning Mountain, Cooling Sky and Channel Travelling

With Zarig and Conny Cooper
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2022, 10am-5pm

There is so much more to needling technique than “turning the needle clockwise or counterclockwise, and using your intention”!

Whether we’re treating insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, or hot flushes, one of the key factors that will influence the outcome of an acupuncture treatment are the practitioner’s clinical skills.

As acupuncturists, we should be constantly evaluating our level of clinical skills: can we manipulate each needle to achieve a clear outcome for the patient? Can we tangibly cool or warm a patient using only our hands/needles? Can we instantly activate the digestion or relieve pressure in an area? Can we deeply and reliably calm an agitated patient within a few seconds of starting a treatment?

Improving these tangible skills is a crucial way of achieving better clinical outcomes.
• We will start with instruction on specific DaoYin exercises and will de-mystify and illustrate how these exercises help develop our sensitivity to Qi and our ability to manipulate it
• We will then cover needle techniques such as Burning Mountain, Cooling Sky and Channel Travelling. They belong in every modern practitioner’s repertoire of needling skills as fundamental and profound ways of working with the patient’s health through warming (tonifying), cooling (draining), and flowing (coursing the Qi)
• We will also cover various types of bodywork, which lay the foundation for a practitioner to understand and work on a patient’s body.

Prerequisites: Practitioners or students of acupuncture
Course dates: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2022, 10am-5pm
Cost: Earlybird is £180 for the 2-day course if paid by 26th February, after that £200

ZarigConny Cooper are long-term students of Andrew Nugent-Head. They are part of his teaching team, travelling internationally to assist at his seminars

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