1 Year Licentiate in Tui na

Our Next intake will be in October 2022

CCA runs the most in-depth Tui na course in the UK.


If you are studying at, or have qualified from, a BAAB accredited college it will be assumed that your knowledge of TCM is enough to undertake training in Tui na.

If you are studying at, or have qualified from, a non-BAAB accredited college you may be required to undergo a process known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). During RPL it may be necessary to assess your depth of TCM understanding, as we are unable to accept students on to the course who have not studied TCM in sufficient depth.

TNT – Tui na Techniques

This unit will teach you the Tui na manipulations and massage techniques, area routines, and practical skills such as cupping, gua sha and moxibustion. Orthopaedic tests and external herbal formulae are also taught. This unit develops your physical strength, stamina, and sensitivity to internal Qi through the study and practice of Shaolin Neigong, as well as various other types of Qi Gong (focused breathing) including the Six Healing Sounds, which can be incorporated into therapeutic Tui na practices.

TNC – Tui na Clinic

This unit puts theory and practice together creatively to use a range of Tui na techniques to look at complex disease patterns in Chinese medicine. It applies existing theoretical knowledge, reflective practice and practical skills acquired throughout the program in the context of supervised clinical practice with patients.

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