Qigong for the five zang: strengthening the five principal organs for health and wellbeing

Saturday July 9th 2022 10.00 am – 4.15 pm

with Peter Deadman

Qigong for the five zang: strengthening the five principal organs for health and wellbeing.
Drawn from Peter’s 30-years’ experience of qigong, this workshop will teach core qigong body-mind-breath practices (neigong) and then show how they can be applied to movements which work on the five principal organs of the body: the lung, spleen, heart, kidney and liver.

The workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced qigong practitioners and is ideal for acupuncturists and shiatsu practitioners with a basic understanding of Chinese medicine and the channels, although this is not necessary to benefit from the day.

A video of the neigong and the five zang practices will be made available to participants after the workshop.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat soft-soled shoes. There will be a one-hour lunch break.

Booking details
Suitable for students of Chinese Medicine and practitioners.
There are a limited number of places on this course to ensure adequate one-to-one feedback. Please book early to avoid disappointment.
Email : cca@citycollege.ac.uk to check availability, and for payment details.

Cancellation policy:
Refunds: 100% up to 28 days prior to the seminar, 50% up to 14 days prior to the seminar. No refunds thereafter.
In case of emergency we reserve the right to cancel the workshop, in which case you would receive a full refund.

Healing with Chinese Dietary Therapy With Kate Henley 

Healing with Chinese Dietary Therapy
With Kate Henley

Wednesday May 18th 2022 – 10am – 5pm – £95
Saturday June 11th 2022 – 10am – 5pm – £95

This one-day course will cover Chinese Dietary Therapy and how to implement these techniques into your practice to help improve your patient’s health outcomes.

This one day intensive workshop is aimed at students, post-graduates and practitioners and aims to supplement and deepen their dietary ‘Yang Sheng’ advice for clinic.

The course will include:

• An introduction into Chinese dietary concepts
• A brief history of dietary therapy
• Discussions on healthy and unhealthy eating patterns and habits
• An exploration of the directions, flavours and temperatures of common foods
• How to eat seasonally
• Helpful recipes
• How to address specific patterns with dietary advice
• The importance of how we eat

This is a collaborative and interactive day. Kate is passionate about living and eating in tune with the seasons and has wide and practical knowledge about how to introduce seasonal changes to support health. The course will include recipes that can be used to underpin change using the 5 Element model.

The course will take place in person at The City College of Acupuncture.

If you have any further questions and for booking please email kate@thewayofliving.co.uk