Each module on our programme is assessed in the manner most relevant to the material being taught.

Subjects such as Anatomical and Energetic Structures (AES) will teach you all you need to know about anatomy, point location (how you find acupuncture points on the body), and how the individual acupoints can be used. As these are a mixture of practical and theoretical skills, they are assessed with both practical and written exams.

The Personal and Practitioner Development (PPD) modules are by definition about development, and are assessed with workbooks and reflective essays that you complete at your own pace across the three years of the course.

When you study Chinese Medicine Practice (CMP) you will be learning how to diagnose using different methods, so some CMP assessments are traditional written exams, whilst others might utilise video technology or be assessed by portfolios compiled throughout your training.

The City College Acupuncture programme is structured in such a way that different assessments become due in at different times, enabling you to schedule and pace your work and avoiding too many end of term exams.

If you fail an assignment or exam then you are allowed to resubmit or resit the assessment. If you fail a second time then you will be required to repeat the module you have failed at your own expense. This may or may not affect the speed of your progress through the course.

The Acupuncture programme is taught and assessed at what is known academically as Level 4 (year 1), Level 5 (year 2), and level 6 (year 3). Level 6 is the same level as a BSc (Hons).

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